How to Play Pai Gow When You are at Concert

In gambling online, poker has so many different types and Pai Gow is one of the most popular games you can choose and play easily. Poker is the most popular gambling game in the world with no doubt. There are so many different types or varieties of poker you can play. You just need to search for the best gambling site with complete package of poker. In dewapoker, Texas Holdem might be the most popular but Pai Gow takes other people’s attention because of its uniqueness. Not many people know how to play Pai Gow but once you master it, you can use it to make money even when you are at concer, you still can play this Pai Gow.

Learn About Pai Gow When You are at Concert

Just like the regular poker game, Pai Gow is considered as the table game and it is included in category of casino. To play this game, what you need is just the standard 52-card deck with regular number plus one card consisting of Joker. Basically, the rules of this Pai Gow are so simple compared to the regular poker like Texas Holdem. What you need to do is just placing your bet. After that, every player on the table will deal with 7 cards and they must divide 7 cards to make 2 poker hands with perfect and high rank combination.

You need to make the standard result consisting of 5 cards and the 2 other cards. In this game, the combination with 5 cards is known as several names such as Big hand, high hand, bottom hand or behind hand. Meanwhile, the rest of 2 cards you hold will be known as low hand, minor hand, small hand and on top. When you want to make 2 hands from 7 cards, then you must arrange from the 5 card hand first. You need to make 5-card hand is higher than the other 2 cards. If you make 2 cards higher than other 5 cards, you will be in trouble.

To make the 5-card hand, you should know and remember the dewapoker terpercaya rank from high card to the Royal Flush. There are pairs and also flush as well as straight. If you are new in this game, it is hard for you to win the game because you need to remember and learn about the combination. However, if you are used to play regular poker, then you can win this game easily without learning the combination or even the card rank.

However, there is one difference in this game which is the use of Joker. Joker in this game will act as any card number to complete the possibility of card rank. For example, you want to make 3 of a kind and you have 2 cards of King and one 10 and one 6. That means, you need another King to complete this combination and you can make Joker as King. Pai Gow in dewapoker is quite popular and many players even at the concert also can play it because of the easiness.

How to Beat Other Pai Gow Players on Tournament When You are at Concert

What you need when you enter the tournament is good preparation. You need money, skill, confidence and tips for you to win the game slowly. If you don’t have tips or at least the ways to make you win the game, you can lose the game. At least, you have to know some tips to make you survive longer and you can beat other Pai Gow players one by one until you can reach the final table.

Ways to Bust Other Pai Gow Players When in Tournament When You are at Concert

When the Pai Gow game starts, you need to attack other players. However, players whom you need to attack are those who have survival mind. It means they are the passive players who always fold everytime they know there is pressure. You need to fish them so they can play without realizing if they are in the worst position. However, to do this thing, you need to make sure to have great cards.

Never raise in this position though you know if you have perfect cards. You just need to call and follow other players. If they raise, you just need to call. Though you know if you already win the game with some community cards on the table, you have to follow other players until your target choose to go all-in.

Once the cards are open, they are busted and you can win the game by receiving their stake. If you just wait, they will not play so you need to fish them well on Pai Gow game.



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